Family: Ray baits do not need to be big. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Irish record 37 lbs taken on 28.5.1961 at Ling Rocks, Kinsale by M.J.Fitzgerald. Comments: This can be a fun ray to catch on light tackle! Food Value: Although a European thornback ray, Raja clavata, is considered perhaps the best tasting of all rays and skates, California’s thornback ray is not in the same class. Raies: Raja bouclee, Raja mourine, Raja cephaloptera. now so difficult to check for updates, that new information and ... Thornback ray. and distribution: Best Bets: Crystal Pier, Oceanside Pier, Newport Pier, Seal Beach Pier, Redondo Beach Pier, Stearns Wharf, Goleta Pier and the Avila Pier. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2016: e.T60112A80673588. California Thornback Ray as LEAST CONCERN. Alternate Names: Shovelnose shark, pinback ray, prickleback shark, banjo shark, round skate, and my favorite—throw-‘em-backs. Prices and download plans . Trout Farms and Sea Fish When you approach Oban from inland by road along the shore of Loch Etive you would be forgiven thoughts of fishing for trout and pike. partially buried in sand. Diving logistics: Apparently a common species in many bays in southern California but it is often The average thornback ray weighs... Also known as. monster list of shark links, and deeper in the site there are Downloaded on 18 October 2017. Range: Gulf of California to Tomales Bay and once considered uncommon north of Monterey. Thornback Ray. var sc_security="4a6f4beb";