Fashion Designer

Carina Patricia Ferreira Costa, stylist and entrepreneur was born in Lisbon, Portugal. During her childhood, divided between school and her family’s business, she discovered the mechanics of the fashion industry, deepening her knowledge of fabrics and the making of dresses. Her mother, aware of her talent and personality, passed on to her daughter her strength, tenacity and ambition so much so that in 1998 Carina decided to leave her parents’ business and face by herself the challenge of the fashion world.

It was then that she founded ‘Maria Karin International’ with headquarters in Lisbon, New York, and Madrid. Creative intuition, management skills and self confidence, together with her passion for design, allowed her in just a few years to make her company take off, and to export “made in Portugal” through all Europe, America and the Middle East, guided by the expert hands of her personal assistant and general director Nico Chiarappa, a significant personality in the fashion industry and founding partner of ‘D&C Fashion Studio’s’, headquartered in Italy and Belgium and well know for distribution of prestige brands throughout the industry.

Carina’s creations result from the interpretation of a young woman who, with an aesthetic point of view and sensitivity revisits the past and perceives the future by creating a romantic and refined style. She challenges herself daily with her will to understand women’s expectations and their desire for femininity, her ability to renovate constantly while remaining faithful to her own style and always maintaining the high quality level of her product. These are the characteristics that make Carina and ‘Maria Karin International’ points of reference in the bridal world.